We designed our mocap with Vtubers in mind

OBSKUR Upper Body Mocap features 9 lightweight sensors powered by Xsens with up to 12 hours of battery life as well as a 50 meter maximum transmission range. You’ll be up and streaming in minutes with the comfortable yet durable sensor strap. Designed so you can effortlessly broadcast for hours.


  • 9 wireless sensors powered by Xsens Fusion
  • Quick and easy calibration
  • Up to 50 meter range
  •  Up to 12 hours battery life
  •  Proprietary wireless for stable connection
  •  OBSKUR Mocap Dongle
  •  Optimized for OBSKUR

Quick and Easy Setup

OBSKUR Upper Body Mocap uses a proprietary radio control system that ensures a stable and secure connection, allowing for quick and easy calibration. You only need one OBSKUR dongle to connect up to 9 sensors to your computer. The sensors are fully integrated with the OBSKUR platform, which lets you stream your motion data in your custom 3D environment.

Experience the freedom of movement.

Optimized for use in OBSKUR for up to 12 hours without worrying about running out of power. They are machine washable, so you can keep them clean and fresh after each use. Just remember to take off the electronic module before washing.
Calibration is quick and easy, so you can start streaming in no time. The OBSKUR Gloves are fully integrated with the OBSKUR platform, no need for external applications.


  • Up to 12 hour battery life 
  • Drift free Streaming
  • OBSKUR Glove Dongle
  • Quick and easy calibration
  • Non-slip grip pattern
  • Fully integrated in the OBSKUR platform
  • Fingerless gloves for better feel while gaming
  • Machine washable* (take off electronic module)
  • Machine washing bag for gloves and straps.

Durable, washable, and touch-friendly

OBSKUR gloves are designed with a soft, flexible fabric with integrated finger sensors and a non-slip palm grip so you have complete control over your controllers, keyboard, and mouse. Designed for accurate and drift-free streaming.

Engineered to ensure optimal performance, durability, and comfort.

Included is a head strap, four arm straps, a chest strap, and a pelvic strap, all meticulously designed to securely and snugly fit your body with comfort. Crafted from a resilient and pliable material, these straps can withstand intense movement, perspiration and are machine washable.


  • Non-slip soft to the touch material
  • User-friendly size adjustment
  • Headband
  • 4x arm straps
  • Chest strap 
  • Pelvis strap

Designed for comfort & quality

Our comprehensive 7-strap set is designed for comfort, ease of use. The Straps can be self-fitted and feature padding to relieve pressure on the chest and pelvic regions.

Guaranteed to keep the OBSKUR Upper Body Mocap system securely in place, enabling you to effortlessly capture precise and realistic motion, eliminating any concerns about slipping or detachment.